Taking Walks


The highlight and habit of my days during COVID-19 is taking walks. Can you relate? More than ever, I feel the need to clear my head and move my body. I’m blessed to be able to walk from my house to a small lake with a wide walking path—about 6 feet wide, to be exact, or pretty close to it.
I’ve noticed some new things on my walks. For one thing, I’ve realized that I live in a majority multicultural neighborhood. By far, most of the people I greet on the path are not just like me. We smile and say hello with a little more enthusiasm, having something more substantial in common now. We share common experiences: the empty store shelves, the less busy pace, the bored kids, the increased family time, the short words that are exchanged with all of that family time. We feel together the uncertainty of each day, and the ebb and flow of fear.
Lent reminds us that Christ entered time. Fully human, He came down from heaven to reconcile man to God, so that by His grace we might be reconciled to Him and to one another no matter what has come between us. Racial reconciliation is needed every day, but in these days I walk with and pray for myself and my neighbors, that God would bless us in this time and move us towards the unity only Christ could accomplish and the joy only He can offer.

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