Take a Risk. Tell a Story.

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God is leading TFC toward an exciting vision. In the next two years and beyond, the reach of our branches will match the depth of our roots. Jesus calls us to an uncompromising discipleship where building his kingdom often feels uncomfortable and is always out of our control. We've been challenged to take such kingdom-advancing risks to grow deeper in our walk with Christ and reach wider to share his love. 

There will be countless risks taken this year as we grow deeper and wider, but we want to capture many of these stories for the building up of the body. Some of these will be shared (with your permission) with the body in a worship service, on our website, or in the weekly epistle.  

What makes a risk kingdom-advancing?

  • Is it moving toward living and sharing the gospel?
  • Am I growing deeper or wider?
  • Does it require me to depend on Christ?

Share your stories! Start with your connection group. And to help us gather these stories you can submit them in one of two ways: 

We're praying for 220 stories by 2020. These stories don't need a pretty bow or even a positive outcome. That part is up to God. Our story is simply about a step we take for the advance of Christ's kingdom in our hearts and spheres of influence. 

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