Praying in Distress

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1 Samuel 1:10
She was deeply distressed and prayed to the Lord and wept bitterly. 

So the scriptures describe Hannah and her prayer. 

The pain of infertility in a woman who longs for children is raw, ravaging, and often hidden. It is a place of total vulnerability, where despite all kinds of medical advancements, we realize that God alone opens the womb.

I don’t believe I’ve seen one, but a book I would like to read would be a collection of prayers of women struggling with infertility. Because though my season of those prayers has passed, God in His mercy has invited me into other places of deep distress and total vulnerability, where I am reminded that He alone opens hearts, especially mine.

Do we enter into the deep distresses of our hearts when we pray? Or do we hang back emotionally, bringing requests to the Lord from a dutiful distance? When was the last time I, or you, wept bitterly in prayer? 

Join us this Sunday as we explore Hannah’s prayer in the scriptures, and consider God’s invitation to move together through prayers of deep distress into the remarkable love of Jesus Christ.

Diana Calvin
Connections Minister