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Frances Eubanks and Kelly O’Neal will be going on a mission trip to Myanmar 2/27-3/14. Kelly has been working in Myanmar for several years with Surpassing Grace, a local non-profit that runs Christian orphanages and schools, distributes Bibles and Christian literature, and supports local church planters.

They will be working with a village of Internally Displaced People (IDP). These people have been displaced by the longest ongoing civil war in history, aptly called the “Invisible War,” because of the lack of international interest. The UN has declared Myanmar’s human rights among the worst in the world, including: genocide, human trafficking, forced labor, child labor, military systematic rapes, and mass land confiscation.

In 2017, Kelly’s involvement evolved into the creation of a loan program and biblical financial training to the families in this village. So far, 67 families have been directly impacted.
As Kelly reflected on the upcoming trip, here is her personal story of kingdom-advancing risk:

“While there are uncomfortable (jet lag, sleep deprivation with three days of travel each way, exhaustion, lice) and risky things (malaria, military zone, food poisoning, parasites) for us personally, we do what we can to control for these and trust in the Lord. Walking in God’s will, doing His kingdom work, is the most joyful and satisfying place to be. It is also when Satan has the most to lose and that is when he attacks. Satan delights in attacking that which is most precious to you. I have been on approximately ten trips to Myanmar and every time that I haven’t had believers praying for my family, serious ailments have inflicted them, especially my children. Everything from severe iron deficiency requiring near hospitalization to lumps on breasts, all coming up while on my trip. Every time I go, it is with trepidation that those most precious to me will suffer. But I have also learned the incredible power of prayer through this experience. The prayers of the righteous are truly worth much. I would be so grateful for a prayer covering over my family (my husband, children, mother, and siblings), here in America while I’m gone. I have also been on trips where one or more team members have not been of one mind, and infighting and undermining have distracted us from the Lord’s work. Please pray that we will all be of one mind with Jesus, and that we will walk as brothers and sisters in obedience to Christ.”

Please pray for the Lord’s guidance for this trip and for outstanding needs.

  • Travel expenses for Frances: $600
  • Medical supplies for the orphanages
  • See our Amazon Wishlist HERE 
  • Dehydration salts & soap for 133 families: $200
  • Additional funding for loans
  • Men’s gently used unstained dress or polo shirts (size S or M)
  • Funding to purchase Bible Commentaries in Lisu for students

We are abundantly grateful for the generosity of Trinity members who have already provided $2,300 in donations and airline miles for Frances’ travel and funding for 250 Foundations Bible Commentaries in Lisu (one for each student in two bible schools for two years!). This is a huge blessing, as they only have the Bible and a hymnal in their native language.

If you would like to give, you can make your tax-deductible check payable to:

Surpassing Grace
P.O. Box 550951
Dallas, Texas 75355
(please include Kelly O’Neal or Frances Eubanks in note)

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