"Unexpected Guests"

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We had just finished an intense stretch of travel, conferences, meetings, and hosting missionaries. With Steve heading out for the next six days, I was looking forward to an empty house and some rest. However, the next day, I received a photo of Hannah C. and a beautiful baby boy in her arms. Wyatt had been born during the night, the son of a Vietnamese International student and single mom, Cherry.

We met Cherry in December when she came to our home for the International Student Christmas party. There was an instant affinity with her since we had just been to her home country, Vietnam, visiting our son and daughter-in-law. God broke our hearts for Vietnam and the beautiful people there. Cherry lingered after the party and shared her story. She was living with guilt as a result of the choices she had made. Though a difficult decision, Cherry chose “life." In the early morning of January 26, she delivered by emergency C-section, a sweet, beautiful boy, Wyatt.

God began prompting me to invite Cherry and Wyatt to come stay with us for a week after being discharged from the hospital. I had my concerns – what about my much-needed rest and recuperation? Would Cherry and I connect? What would I cook? And Wyatt – what happens if we get attached to this little guy? With so much national attention on the abortion debate in recent weeks, I was so pleased that despite the challenges ahead, Cherry chose life! My rest could wait. My concerns were minimal. I had no choice but to accept the risks.

Once Steve’s plane landed on the east coast, we decided to invite Cherry and the baby to stay with us for a week, and are so glad we did! It was strange waking up in the middle of the night to the cries of a newborn and caring for a woman I hardly knew, but we bonded quickly. Cooking was not an issue. Cherry appreciated anything I prepared. We got to meet a number of Vietnamese people that came to the house to meet the baby. Though we couldn’t be in Vietnam, God was bringing Vietnam to us every day for a week!

As the days passed, we found ourselves getting attached to Wyatt. He had become our grandson, and Cherry called us by our grandparent names, Paparu and Mémé. The week passed quickly, and Cherry did not want to leave. The last night Cherry was with us, she asked questions which led to an opportunity to share the gospel with her. We trust God to bring her to Himself someday.

With sadness in our hearts, we kissed Wyatt and said good-bye. How glad we are that their apartment is not far away. We grew to love this little boy and are thankful we listened to God’s promptings to host them. What a joy and privilege it was to serve this little family. The risks were well worth it! 

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