"It Is Well with My Soul"

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Our neighbors, “Kami”and “Pete” are becoming friends. They think very differently than we do on some subjects yet we are learning to listen well and love one another.

Last fall “Pete”, a Buddhist, brought over a hand towel they selected for us while on vacation. It is well with my soul is embroidered on it. He recognized it as something Christian and thought we’d like it. We do. At the time I thought, hmmm, it is well with my soul, but I wonder if there’s a challenge coming up in our near future that will put this thought to a test.

Six weeks later I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had already hung the towel in our bathroom so I’d see it daily as a reminder and assurance of God’s love for me and that I can rest in Him. Gracious Father, thank you for using our developing friendship with Kami and Pete to affirm and remind me of what I believe. It is indeed well with my soul.

[keep Nancy and Bob in prayer as she recovers from surgery]