Keith Hileman


77Keith grew up among the rolling mountains of central Pennsylvania in the small town of Hollidaysburg. He graduated from Penn State University with a BS degree in electrical engineering. Keith and his wife Beth moved to Dallas in 1995 to study at Dallas Theological Seminary where he graduated with his ThM in May of 2000, and began his DMin studies in pastoral leadership in 2009. After serving as the youth pastor for four years, Keith assumed the role of associate pastor in June 2000. He was named Pastor of TFC in April 2012.

Get To Know Keith

Spouse name: Beth

Children: Emma, Isaac, Luke, and Trey

Pets: Diggory (the “dude” as in labra”dude”-le) & a flock of chickens

Ministry at TFC: After 15+ years, God continues to stretch and reshape me and my role.

Hollidaysburg Golden Tigers – not far from the world famous Horshoe Curve – been there? – Did I mention “world famous?”
Penn State University – not to be confused with U. Penn or the State Penn – it is evidently insulting to one of those. BSEE – that’s right, electricalengineering – you can’t spell GEEK without EE
Dallas Theological Seminary – Masters in Theology in Old Testament and Historical Theology

When it comes to spring cleaning…
I am still raking and bagging leaves in our yard. (Red Oak leaves in the fall, Live Oak leaves in the Spring, Magnolia leaves all year round)

My favorite movie of all time is…“of all time…” that is tough: O Brother Where Art Thou? Shawshank Redemption?

If given the choice, the one thing I would certainly do before summer would be …
Get back to playing squash, consistently.

When I think of the “greatest,” the first thing that comes to my mind is…because….
My family…they provide all of the extremes in life.

What is the most memorable quote you have heard or read recently? “Daddy, I love you.”

If given the choice, the one thing I would never taste again would be … I will eat pretty much anything, but I have eaten more greenbean casserole (with cream of mushroom soup) in my lifetime than I ever care to taste again.

If I were in the unfortunate situation, my last meal would be…
Several courses…Sushi (actually sashimi), Pizza, a great ribeye, and tiramasu.

If I were given all the needed talents and abilities, I would be the lead singer of …The Band. My wife thinks Rush…they sing fast.

The most recent/or most frequently played music on my ipod was…
Darrell Scott.

The one box set that I would take with me on a desert island to watch would be … Seinfeld. I wouldn’t be so eager to get back to the nothingness of city life. That is unless a “Modern Family” box set is released.

My favorite color is…because…Blue – because the sky is blue, proving that God is a Penn State fan too.

One thing people might never know about me if I didn’t tell… That I really am Spider Man (and don’t just look like a middle-aged Peter Parker).

Contact Keith: 972-690-9535, ext. 103

Sunday at Trinity Fellowship:

"The Greatest Fishermen" - Luke 5:1-11

Feb. 11, 2018