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Trinity Fellowship is led by a group of elders, who are  responsible for the spiritual direction of the church members and ministries.  Meet our elders.

Our staff is called by God and uniquely gifted to carry out the direction of the elders in service of the church body and leadership over the various ministry programs. Meet our staff.


Elder Led

We believe the scriptures most clearly support the leadership of the church by elders. There are no “terms” for elders, although elders can take sabbaticals when needed or can step off the board when they believe their effectiveness as an elder has diminished. The pastor serves as an elder but may not serve as chairman of the elder board. The elders understand their role as providing spiritual direction for the community and for providing spiritual care for the community.

In Nov. 2010 the elders approved a change in the process of selecting and providing succession for the role of chairman. As stated in the updated church by-laws (8.b):

The Board of Elders shall choose its own chairman and secretary from among its members, excluding the pastor(s). The Board of Elders shall also choose a vice-chairman from among its members. The chairman shall serve for two years, at which time the vice chair shall assume the roll of chair for the next two years. The Board of Elders shall then elect a new vice chair from the remaining active board members, excluding the most recent chairman. A former chairman is eligible to serve as vice chair again after two years. Other members shall be appointed to serve and/or oversee specific ministries of the church.

Chuck Hendricks is the current chairman. Jonathan Bergsagel is the vice chairman.

Sunday at Trinity Fellowship:

"The Greatest Fishermen" - Luke 5:1-11

Feb. 11, 2018