It is our desire that all members of Trinity Fellowship are growing as worshippers of the Triune God and being thoroughly equipped to serve God and others with love. This also includes a commitment to authentic, growing, and accountable relationships with others. Because we are elder-led, membership doesn’t carry with it the “privilege” of voting. Rather, membership reflects a submission to Christ and His church, carrying both the responsibility to serve and the joy of belonging to God’s family.

To become a member at Trinity Fellowship Church the following is required:

• Affirm TFC’s doctrinal statement: agreement with the Nicene Creed and acknowledging the evangelical perspective of ministry as reflected in the Statement of Faith of the National Association of Evangelicals
• A profession of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ
• Christian baptism
• Assent to the beliefs, values, and practices of TFC (including our beliefs regarding church discipline)
• Attend the “Step to Membership” (new membership) class, a 5-week class held periodically throughout the year
• Sign and submit the new member form acknowledging the above

A Place For You?

There are no perfect churches, and that is certainly true of us. At best every church is a collection of redeemed sinners led by redeemed sinners. Yet God has been gracious to work in us and among us. We pray God would guide you and grant you wisdom as you seek His will and the church you call home.


Sunday at Trinity Fellowship:

"The Greatest Fishermen" - Luke 5:1-11

Feb. 11, 2018