Our Legacy


Trinity Fellowship’s story began in 1976 when God placed a burden upon the hearts of Dr. Ed Blum and Dr. Alan Hull. Ed was a professor at Dallas Seminary and one of the teaching pastors at Believers Chapel in Dallas. Alan was a practicing nephrologist who served as an elder at Believers Chapel. Ed and Alan were grateful to see how God was blessing the ministry at the church, and recognized that the tremendous growth created an opportunity for a new work.

Alan and Ed spent a year studying the Bible and praying together regarding God’s plan for the church, and sensed God’s direction in beginning a new work. About a dozen couples met at Alan’s home to discuss the idea and it was decided to move forward.

The church was to be named Trinity Fellowship, from 1 John 1:3: “We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you may have fellowship with us. And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ.” The goal was to have a new church where our vertical fellowship with God was lived out in the context of the horizontal fellowship created by the Spirit of God in the church.

The early years of the church were exciting but difficult. After several years of weekly transporting, setting up, and taking down chairs at a recreation center, the church began to meet on Sunday evenings at another church. While it was a time of great personal growth in the lives of individuals, it was clear that a Sunday morning meeting time was needed for the church body to grow.

God provided an option to purchase land at our present location, and in a major step of faith, the elders laid this challenge before the congregation. At great personal sacrifice by the members, the property was purchased and the first phase of construction, what is now the fellowship hall, was completed. The church continued to grow with new elders, new members, and several new construction programs to expand the building.

In 1985 Dr. Blum left Dallas Seminary to take the leadership of the Christian Medical Society, a move which limited his involvement in teaching at the church. For one year the pulpit was shared by Dr. Blum, Dr. Darrell Bock, a professor at Dallas Seminary, and Carl Anderson, who was completing his doctorate at the seminary. When Carl graduated in 1987 he began serving full-time with the church and served as pastor from 1987 to summer of 2011.

Shortly after the purchase of the land for the original multi-use building, the church acquired the overgrown and unattended property adjacent to our north boundary. The land was cleared and the barely-visible house on the property was turned into a place for the youth to worship. It was named the Lu Alice House, after the tragic death of one of our deacons and his teenage daughter. It also housed the growing church offices.

God was faithful to provide steady growth from the beginning. Overcrowding led to the  construction of the sanctuary and new adult classrooms, opened in March 1999. Similar overcrowding problems in the youth ministry led to an expansion to youth wing in the fall of 2000.

The Lu Alice House was plagued by old age and an abundance of odorous “critters” who chose to live under it. In 2004,the church decided to add an administrative wing to replace the Lu Alice House.

In the summer of 2011, God led the elders to acknowledge failures in their leadership, and the resulting effects on the pastoral staff and the church. The elders named Keith Hileman, who had previously served as Youth Minister and Associate Pastor at Trinity Fellowship, Interim Pastor and prepared for a pastoral search, re-evaluating the role of pastor and of their responsibilities and work as elders. Out of this process, it became clear that Keith was the leading pastoral candidate, and after input and overwhelming affirmation from the body, the elders named Keith Hileman Pastor in May 2012.


Sunday at Trinity Fellowship:

"The Greatest Fishermen" - Luke 5:1-11

Feb. 11, 2018