TFC | October 2nd, 2015

39 Years On Mission

TFC 39th Anniversary In 1976 Dr. Ed Blum (then professor at Dallas Theological Seminary and teaching pastor at Believers Chapel in Dallas) and Dr. Alan Hull (Dallas nephrologist), with the blessing of Believers Chapel, led a dozen folks on a … Continued

TFC | September 25th, 2015

Loving our Neighbors

Jesus beautifully and concretely summarized the entirety of God’s law with a growing love of God and a love for one’s neighbor. (Luke 10:27) In obedience to Jesus’ words and as we desire to move into the remarkable love of … Continued

TFC | September 11th, 2015

From Missions to Cross-Cultural Partners: A New Name

Missions has always been a significant focus of the TFC’s ministry and budget commitments. Our enthusiastic missions team has been sharpening and reshaping our focus under a new name: Cross-Cultural Partners. Why the name change if Jesus’ commission to the … Continued

TFC | September 4th, 2015

Fall Sermon Series Begins this Sunday

We live in a culture of confusion. In a time when marriage has been redefined and gender is a matter of personal preference, we have not merely taken another step in a wrong direction. We have forgotten what it means … Continued

Sunday at Trinity Fellowship:

God's Design for Body & Soul

Oct. 11, 2015