New Adult Ministry Connection Groups This Sunday – 11:15 am

Do you have a friend or family member who is poor? If so, how do you think of them? What do you think has led to their poverty?

Caring for the poor is part of our job description as followers of Jesus Christ (Matthew 25:31-46). The class in Room A3 beginning this Sunday, When Helping Hurts, looks at the issue of poverty as not simply a material issue, but also a spiritual one.

From the When Helping Hurts study guide: “Poverty is the result of broken relationships. But as we will explore in this series, broken relationships can be restored by the work of Christ. He came to make all things new, breaking the hold of sin and death ‘far as the curse is found’. The fall has marred what God intended for us at creation, but the work of Christ offers hope that what is broken, both inside of us and around us, will be repaired. Let’s walk together as we explore what God’s reconciling work in this world looks like, and how we can effectively partner with Him in ministering to people who are poor.”

If you know someone who is poor, the series beginning this Sunday may help you see them in a new way. And if you don’t know anyone who is poor, why not?

The other series beginning this Sunday is One Story: How the Books of the Bible Tell the Grand Narrative of God. We’ll go through the truth of God’s word in each book of the Bible and see how each one tells the great story God is telling of redemption and restoration. Skip Pickle and Phil Bryan teach in an interactive format–with each other and the group–and offer Skip’s discussion guiding with Phil’s Bible teaching.

This group meets in Room A2.

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