Making All Things New in this New Year

What new things is God doing in you into this new year? What do you desire for Him to make new? What are you willing to let go of for Him to work the remarkable love of Christ in and through your life, and our communal life together at TFC this year? How can we more fully live into and out of our mission as a church: “Moving together into the remarkable love of Jesus Christ?”

After a wearisome political season has revealed even more cracks in our national unity and pride, in addition to raising the caution for the church to not misplace her hope, I’ve been reflecting more and more upon the necessity of elevating one of five core values as we begin the year: There is freedom in reconciliation. Real freedom is found and shared by pursuing peace and right relationships in and through the forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Oh to see Christ’s reconciling peace at work in our church family relationships, our families, our marriages, our workplaces, in our community, between churches, and in our nation.

I want to let you know about a few special services to begin our new year aimed at living into the remarkable freedom that is in the love of Christ.

  • Sunday, January 8:
    This Sunday we will consider the issue of racial reconciliation. It is a week prior to the national holiday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, whose life was marked by a relentless and sacrificial commitment to see our country move out of the shadows of slavery and racial injustice into freedom and equality among all races. We will welcome a panel of guests this Sunday—local ministers and experts on the topic of racial identity and reconciliation—during our worship service, and during Connection Hour. I have been personally stretched and blessed to know and work with Markus Lloyd (Minister of Outreach at WoodCreek Church), and Antwan Malone (Director of ELEVATE, a multi-church young adult ministry in Collin County) over the past year and know you will be challenged and encouraged by their sharing as part of the panel of guests.

You can learn more about their ministry here:

This would be a great week to invite family, friends, and neighbors.

  • Sunday, January 15, 5:30 pm
    As a church we have also been invited to attend a community-wide worship service on Sunday evening January 15th to manifest and celebrate the multi-ethnic unity of church in our community rooted in the truths of Jesus Christ and dreamed of in the works of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The service will be hosted by North Dallas Community Bible Fellowship. You can sign up to sing in a community choir as well.
  • Sunday, January 15th is national Sanctity of Life Sunday. The focus will be on bringing the ministry of reconciliation to bear on the fight for honoring all life, from the womb to the tomb. We will welcome another panel of guests from local ministries and within TFC to share alongside the exhortation of God’s Word for His people to serve in all ways for the flourishing of human life.

May God be pleased to use these services to bring glory to Jesus Christ and His ongoing ministry of reconciliation at work in and through us as we move together into the remarkable love of Christ our Savior in this new year.

Grace and peace,


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