WLTI Rwanda Team Update Wednesday Evening

Hello all,

There has been so much happening here that it is hard to take it all in, much less get it out to you! Our time is full and when we are finished with one thing we are tweaking and planning for the next. But our heart is to let you know how God is using Trinity Fellowship Church here this week, and so hopefully we can communicate that to you well both now and especially more when we return.

Over the past two days we have covered a lot—Bible Study Observation (what we see), and Interpretation (what it means). Barbara, and then Laura, walked them through John 4 in these very new topics with great detail and a high level of study with such clarity that even though they had never done anything like this before, their responses showed deep perception and understanding. This has been true of every session—God is at work bringing understanding both in the mind and the heart. I have told the women that I would like to use their answers to teach the women at TFC.

The gifts of each team member are being stretched, and because we’re serving out of what God has gifted us to be and do, we’re energized by this! Everyone has had a vital part in what God is doing in this WLTI, many in ways different than our plan. We’re seeing that the work of God is His, and we participate in it in Christ—there’s great freedom, and great joy!

Energized definitely, but our bodies are tired. Sleep is elusive and long days of teaching/sitting have us weary. Pray for Christ’s strength for this last full day of the WLTI.

We have seen God move and work in many ways here. Together we’ve studied, learned, created, laughed, played games that taught lessons, sang songs made up to memorize content, and we’re thankful that this is not just an academic exercise but an experience of mind, body, and heart. Together with our Rwandan sisters we are seeing how Bible Study can be not just a way to learn but a way to live out our lives as humans made to bear God’s image, and bring glory to the living Word Jesus Christ. Grateful!

The last thing at the conference yesterday (Wednesday) was an opportunity for us all to move together into the remarkable love of Jesus Christ, and witness the powerful moving of the Spirit when one of the team shared a story about a division in her family and the reconciliation taking place in Christ. Afterwards, I asked one of the women to pray for our team member and her family, and this lady wept for her as she prayed for healing and full restoration. There was more prayer in a large circle, more tears, even kneeling in repentance as we were encouraged to cry out to God. We found comfort with one another, and hope in Jesus Christ. It was a powerful time.

After an amazing dinner at the ALARM country director (Liberata)’s home last evening (Wed.) , we slept and are now getting ready to start our last full conference day (Thursday morning). Pray for God’s help and strength when we are weary. Tomorrow (Friday) the conference concludes, and we visit the Village and church memorials, then wrap up Saturday and start the journey home.

We have felt your prayers and participation with us. Please keep praying!

Diana for the team

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