WLTI Rwanda Team Update Monday Nov. 7 Evening

Today has been full of teaching, learning, and blessings! Our first introduction to the women attending the conference was their singing. Before a single word was spoken, they lifted their voices and hands in praise. The joy in the room was palpable and several of the women began to dance. This was followed by prayer. Formal introductions were made all around, then Diana started off the teaching. These ladies are so hungry for God’s word, for themselves and the women they lead, that it dominated every question and comment. Barbara, Laura and Susan also has turns teaching foundational thoughts on why Bible study is important, and led activities to reinforce the teaching.

In the afternoon, we had the humbling privilege of giving each woman a study Bible in Kinyarwanden. ALARM and TFC both contributed funds to make this happen, and I have never seen a gift more treasured. As they realized the tools and information this resource provided, their hearts overflowed with joy and praise. These Bibles answered their most fervent prayers! It was a powerful moment for everyone in the room.

At every turn we are aware of the Holy Spirit at work, both in ourselves and in our Rwandan sisters. As we teach them about God’s word, they are teaching us about worshipping our Father with undiluted joy. God is so, so good. Imana ishimwe (God be praised)!

Bonnie Cooley

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