The Lord’s Prayer

lords-prayerThey say familiarity breeds contempt. How familiar are you with the Lord’s Prayer? For me it can easily become like a song I know so well I can sing the words without actually hearing them. Our familiarity with this prayer can be dangerous—not because we shouldn’t know Scripture well, but because many of us can recite it in our sleep, but don’t really pray it in faith. Or worse yet, because we’ve heart it a million times, we ignore it altogether. If familiarity can breed contempt (or at least, complacency) for the greatest prayer ever spoken, then we need to un-familiarize ourselves with it. We need to blow the dust off, and start again.

This Sunday is week 3 in our adult class on the Lord’s Prayer and it’s not too late to jump in. We’ve called the class “Teach Us to Pray” because we want to be like the disciples who came to Jesus with this request. This week we really get to the heart of the prayer with the petition, “Your kingdom come, your will be done.” Before we get to our list of needs and wants, Jesus guides us into a prayer of holy desire. As a comment in our last class captured so beautifully, the Lord’s Prayer simply has the power to transform our prayer lives because these petitions shed new light and meaning on what we pray for. When we pray the way Jesus prayed, we know we’re praying in line with God’s will because everything we request is framed in light of God’s glory and the fullness of Christ’s rule in our world and in our hearts. Join us this week as we explore this petition, and what it means to pray it in faith.

Mike Stroh
Associate Pastor
Trinity Fellowship Church

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