ISI Special Adult Ministry Session, Sunday, August 7, at 11:15 am. Room A3.

When was the last time you drove past the campus of Richland College, or UTD? Probably it wasn’t long ago—both are so close to where we worship or live. Consider this: right now, thousands of students are arriving from all over the world to a foreign place, language, food, and people. Most of them will still be teenagers. Imagine for a moment what starting college (a strange land itself) in a strange land might be like.

These students are gutsy. Many are brilliant. Many come from predominantly Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist nations, and others have no or little faith background. They’re determined, and they have to be adventuresome. And if you get to know them, they’ll tell you they’re also a little scared and homesick. 11953251_10102243477754645_5628884390724870546_n

God has gifted our church with this group in our sphere of influence, both by geography and by the personal connections of members Greg and Liz Johnson, and International Students Inc. staff member Hannah Christopher. TFC and ISI enjoy a rich legacy of partnering together in the gospel at Richland and UTD.

11205585_10102243477031095_5611806175814118164_nThe Johnsons, Hannah, a number of former students, and TFC-ISI volunteers will be offering a one-session class in Room A3 this Sunday on ISI—what it is, what our connection has been, and how you can be a part of offering Christian hospitality to international students at Richland and UTD and fulfilling the Great Commission to make disciples of all the world. Don’t just drive by. Get involved.

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