Christ is ALL, as we head into fall

COLOSSIANS Christ isIn spite of the change of pace that summer provides, I look forward to fall for lots of reasons:

  • the break in heat
  • the return of family rhythms even though the transitions and increasing homework loads and kids activities come with their unique stresses
  • the return of church ministries…I am blessed by the consistency of connecting with others in committed groups and gatherings
  • the return of football season…college this week and NFL the next

Some of these things have already happened, some are present, and the full football season is ahead. As a church, we have kicked off another fall of ministry activities on Sunday mornings, Wednesday night dinner, mid-week studies, and a host of home and church circles (small groups). Now what?

With the increased activities it is so critically important to keep focus on the central and foundational virtues of the life of faith. It isn’t just the external distractions and false hopes of the world outside the church that can derail progress in the faith. Even the good things can become a distraction from the aim of knowing Christ, being satisfied in His love, and becoming more and more like Him. I need reminding and correction to this consistently and thoughtfully. For the noise around me echoing from some ministry leaders and evangelicals afraid that America will never be great again is colored with “head for the hills” or “fight for your rights.” The church is always in need of gentle encouragement and correction. It has always needed it.

So this Sunday we begin a new sermon series through Paul’s letter to the Colossians. It is a gentle encouragement and correction to a church living dangerously with misplaced hopes and mixed up religiosity. It’s a fitting message for us today, as the fall gets busy, as the ministry activities increase, as the fears in our world are amplified, and as the Holy Spirit continues to work in us the virtues of life in Jesus Christ. As we will learn from Paul together, Christ is All In All of Life.

Moving together into the remarkable love of Jesus Christ,


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