Advent – A Season of Waiting

Wait: “Stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or until something else happens; defer; (archaic) street singers of Christmas carols!” I did not make that one up! But really…what is it to WAIT?

Waiting tests our identity. Really? If our identity is in Christ and He waited until the fullness of time to enter our world as Emmanuel, why is it so hard for us to wait? We speed past moments in our demand to get somewhere and miss moments full of glory, if only we had waited.

Let’s stretch ourselves and ask God to teach us to wait. Advent marks the beginning of the church year, with the invitation to be attentive in awaiting Jesus’ “coming.” That is what Advent means. Will you enter the Advent season with anticipation of being more aware of God and His glorious gifts now, as we await the fullness of hope and glory at Christ’s return? What would change inside us and around us, if rather than racing into the hustle and bustle to get everything done, we do something radical?

Here are some Advent ideas to accompany the season:

  • Wait – around the table after dinner instead of eating quickly and jumping up to watch TV or wash dishes, with a Bible and other helps for Advent (more coming).
  • Wait – and light Advent candles before turning on electric lights.
  • Wait – and learn new Advent songs before jumping to familiar Christmas carols.

To help you exercise the discipline of waiting hopefully this Advent season, we offer a few ideas, if you dare:

  • Advent Devotional – Pick up a 30-day Advent devotional we are providing for family, small group, or individual discussion and reflection (in the TFC narthex on Sunday).
  • Listen to Advent songs we will sing – Our Advent sermon series is “Advent—Songs of Hope,” and we will sing new Advent songs each week. To familiarize yourself with the tunes, go to the song links provided on the TFC website to listen in advance, read the lyrics, an/or watch a YouTube video (First week of Advent links and other resources below).
  • Make and utilize an Advent wreath:

Join me this Advent as we together, “Light the Advent candle and wait. O Come, O Come Emmanuel! We are waiting, we are waiting, we are waiting for You.”

Kari Jane Smith
Children’s Director

New Advent Songs for Nov. 27 worship service:

Song Book for Advent:

  • Consider ordering a copy of Hosanna Loud Hosannas Student Hymnal, by David and Barbara Leeman. It’s a beautiful collection of hymns and songs every faithful disciple should know. Found at:

Keith’s comment on this hymnal: Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi is the phrase, which has guided the church’s worship and discipleship from her beginning. The order of prayer is the order of belief, which is to say if you want to teach and disciple God’s children into sound theology, teach them how to pray and worship. Prayer is one of the greatest expressions of intimacy and dependence. And music might be the most special and moving expression of prayer. The collection of treasured hymns and choruses both old and new in Hosanna Loud Hosannas might be the best tool of our day to encourage discipleship in our homes and churches through song and prayer. Each hymn included has been carefully selected with biblical integrity. The background of text, composer, tune, and theological theme included for each song invite a new richness of understanding. And the companion accompaniment manual (with audio recordings) delivers fresh and beautiful arrangements for a variety of musical skills. I recommend the use of Hosanna Loud Hosannas in our church and homes enthusiastically. Thanks to God for the gift which David and Barbara Leeman have given.

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