Youth Peru Mission Trip Update



We received this update early this morning from Jeff and the youth in Peru regarding their recap of yesterday and plans for today. Read on! ¡Hola, amigos de Trinity! Today’s schedule was identical to Monday’s focusing on work projects at the TEC campus. But here was an unexpected hiccup–we had no power! Our big project for the day was building walls requiring power saws. We put that project on hold & instead took on projects not needing power–like sanding & painting pillars, scrubbing mold off the playground equipment, sweeping dirt & sand off the soccer court, & taping & painting the lines on the soccer court. Fun fact…the last group to paint these lines? A group from Trinity several years ago!

Kids from the area came for Homework Club, & one was Elizabeth, a girl sponsored by the Smith family through Kids Alive for a few years. Amanda & Mark Smith got to meet her–what a joyful moment!

Our students worked very hard today & are starting to feel worn down. When several students separately ask if we can go to sleep at 7:30, you know they’re tired!

Tomorrow’s schedule (Friday) includes work projects, playing games with the Homework Club kids, then at 4pm splitting into smaller teams to go to the adjacent town of San Jose to visit with the families of the children we’ve been seeing all week. Please pray for us that we would have energy to be great witnesses for Christ with these families.

Thankful for our church family and our loving God. Good night from Peru!

Jeff Harding

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