Moms: Portraits of God

MothersDayHand400pixelsThis Sunday is Mother’s Day. One special day a year can’t come close to capturing the wonder of mothers uniquely reflecting God’s tenderness, comfort, strength, protection, and beauty in the world. Mothers are the instruments through which God’s life and love are multiplied. Take some time to give thanks and offer gratitude to your mother.

As a church this Sunday, we’ll take time to honor all women gathered, and to share in the unique blessing of dedicating children unto God’s care and covenant love through the partnership of parents and church family.

Just as every human life is dependent upon a mother, so everyone spiritually alive needs the church as mother. The common refrain of the early church was, “No human being can take God as his Father unless he takes the church as his mother” (St. Cyprian). And so the church collectively welcomes children and shares the privilege of living and proclaiming the life of Christ with tenderness, comfort, strength, protection, and beauty. Read more.

Give thanks for mothers. And please be sensitive to unique pain of women who have grieved the loss of children or the inability to conceive, especially as we live in a world where the lives of the unborn are so callously treated.

I hope you find encouragement in the story of DTS student and TFC intern Mike and Christy Trabun, whose 6-month old twins Coen and Shiloh will be dedicated this Sunday. God has richly blessed the Trabuns with 4 children, 3 of whom share a unique bond of adoption in a way that honors and saves the lives of embryos generated through other infertility procedures. Fox News recently included the Trabun family’s story in an online news article last month, and the local CBS affiliate ran a video story last week. I’m including both links for your encouragement. And I look forward to sharing with you the blessing of Mother’s Day and supporting the Trabuns as we move together into the remarkable of love of Jesus Christ.

Keith Hileman

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