Covenant Lovers Retreat & Conference

TFC is intentional about suCovenantLoversConference 400pixelspporting marriages in our congregation. Each month in our worship service, we celebrate anniversaries and the commitment involved in successful marriages. We also offer resources throughout the year to help enrich marriages and encourage both important skills and a biblical mindset regarding marriage. We do these things because a strong and healthy marriage is difficult to cultivate. It requires mutual sacrifice and mutual intentionality that is often drowned out by our busy schedules or lack of motivation.

This is why we are excited about the Covenant Lovers conference happening August 6-8, led by TFC member and licensed counselor Josh Freeman and two colleagues. This biblically-based material will touch on both improving necessary skills and adopting a new mindset in an environment that is solely focused on building up marriages and improving marital intimacy. The material is designed to provide a greater appreciation for the husband, the wife, and the marriage while highlighting the important role sex plays in growing and maintaining intimacy in our marriage. We have had multiple couples express interest in attending and it would be exciting if TFC could have couples at this conference that can grow together over the three days and provide the support to continue growing after the conference is over.

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“Vibrant, sexual intimacy is vital for a satisfying and lifelong covenant marriage. Building and maintaining this vibrancy is a tough challenge that we all will face. Covenant Lovers teaches you creative and exciting ways to nourish your marriage, solve challenges and problems, and have a fabulous sex life.” (from the Covenant Lovers brochure


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