Advent Is Coming

Advent4WebsiteHomePageThe season of Advent begins this Sunday and is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Advent, which means “coming,” marks the beginning of the church year by directing the church in hope towards the return of Jesus and the culmination of His eternal kingdom. The four Sundays prior to Christmas move backwards in time from anticipation for Christ’s second coming to the familiar themes of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem. The promise of His return deepens our appreciation of His first advent.

At the front of the sanctuary you will see our Advent wreath with four candles surrounding a white candle in the center. The dominant color for the season is purple – the color of royalty. It not only reminds us of Christ’s present and future reign, but invites humility and repentance – the appropriate attitude when turning towards the King in submission.

We will have a family within our church body light a new candle at the beginning of each worship service during Advent through Christmas Eve, reminding us of the coming of the light of the world into our midst. The music and prayers will begin with longing for the Messiah and His kingdom and culminate with the beautiful and familiar carols celebrating His birth.

As a season of hope, Advent marches firmly against the “must have it now” pull of the Christmas season. Celebrating well requires some intentionality and a commitment of heart, mind, and body. Consider picking up the Real Life at Home “Faith-Filled” Holidays packet at the Path To Real Life  booth in the narthex this Sunday.  In it you will find ideas for family activities and conversations during each week of Advent. There are even recipes for new holiday-themed treats. These packets are also available for anyone finding themselves in a life stage without a spouse, kids, or much of a “nuclear” family in the area.

Grace and Peace,

Keith Hileman

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  1. Mark and Denise Albertson says:

    My wife and I attended our first service at Trinity Fellowship this morning, the fist weekend of Advent. We really like the service, the music, the sermon. We have visited a few other churches in the area, and have been disappointed in the 15 min sermonettes – we were not disappointed today. The sermon material and teaching were execellent, the music was great, and the members were welcoming. We have been looking for a new church since moving here last June, we will be back to Trinity, may be our new church home. Thank you for the wonderful welcome.

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