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TFC Body,

I’m excited about the upcoming “TheTableConference” next Friday and Saturday (April 19-20th) and invite you to consider checking it out.

What’s “TheTable” you ask?

Several months ago Dr. Darrell Bock introduced us to this new initiative as part of his expanded role at Dallas Theological Seminary which now includes the executive director for Cultural Engagement. The aim of this role and “The Table” podcasts and conferences is to engage Christians and churches to think and dialogue biblically and theologically about the array of voices and issues of our culture.

This first “TheTable” conference – titled “Presenting God to those who See Christianity Differently” – will address issues at the intersection of God, Christianity, and culture.

Think about the conversations you may have with your co-workers, family members, teens, or college students where the Bible is not the answer but the question. Other foundational questions addressed will be:

Which Jesus: Who was the historical Jesus?  

Which Bible: • Is the biblical text reliable? Are the books of the Bible inspired, or selected because of their political or social influence?

Which Christianity: Are the doctrinal beliefs of Christians really tied to Jesus or did they come later? 

This would be a terrific learning experience for young adults and teens immersed in our culture, and any student of the Word concerned about understanding and interacting thoughtfully with the culture issues of our day.

The line-up of speakers is stellar, including NT scholars Dr. Craig Blomberg, Dr. Darrell Bock, Dr. Charles Hill, Dr. Dan Wallace, award-winning writer and former teaching pastor at Willow Creek Community Church Lee Strobel, and church history professor Dr. Michael Svigel.  Find out all the details here [].

The conference is next Friday and Saturday, April 19-20th, hosted at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship Church in Carrollton, TX.  You can register online at the DTS link above.  We have several folks from TFC already registered. And, THERE IS A GROUP RATE AVAILABLE. IF YOU MAY INTERESTED IN GOING AS A GROUP, PLEASE EMAIL THE CHURCH OFFICE WITH YOUR INTEREST.

Prayerfully consider how this new and unique conference might be an encourage to you and our church as we share the real life of Christ together in our community.

Keith Hileman

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